When I was in elementary, I remember the teacher teaching us about explorers. The main one they would teach about is Christopher  Columbus on how he discovered America. It was until I got older and realized that he was lost and happened to stumble across America. Many of us are on a journey, but we’re lost trying to discover who we are. When the answers we’re looking for are really right in front of us.

The only way to discover who you are is to discover who your creator is. When God created you, He designed you for Greatness. Many of us don’t know how great we are because we haven’t fully allowed God to be God in our lives. We let
the world influences  us instead of letting God’s Word influences us. I used to try to be what the world said I was but it would never work out for me. So one day I decided to fully give my life to Jesus and I found out who I were created to be.
Matthew 10:39 states “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it. 

So if you feel lost today, just stay anchored in Christ. The day that you have been waiting on is right around the corner. When I was lost, I found out how bad I really needed God. I learn that sometimes you have to be lost and order to discover your blessing. When the time is right, your heart will aligned with God’s heart and you will discover the miracle you are.


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