Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Heart

The word Heart actually appears in the Bible over 800 times. The Heart is a hard working organ that keeps us alive. If the heart stop pumping or working we will no longer exist. The heart is a well protective organ. It’s structure  is amazing . God have protected it with muscles, tissue, and bones. The heart is where the issues of life flow from . Proverbs 4:23. 

The heart can handle alot of things but stress. Too much stress can cause issues like heart attacks, strokes , and possible a pace maker to be put in. My question to you is what are you feeding your heart. Alot of us have open our hearts up to the girl or guy who we thought was the one from God, but in reality they was the one who gave us trust issues,  bad experiences, and even led us to drinking alcohol or doing drugs trying to escape from the bad experiences.  In reality you get left with a big wall that you have develop and a wound that need to be patch up.

The wall you develop is bigger than the great Wall of China.  The next person you meet better know a little bit about marching. What seems to be a wall can fall with the right steps in the direction of God. Just ask Joshua when he was face with the walls of Jericho. 

Once the wall have fell down . You will still have a hole in your heart. I come to let you know we serve a God who specializes in open heart surgery.  In order for us to draw near him we must go through somethings. Our heart must be broken and fed wrong in order to know how to eat properly. We must be taken to the wilderness.  So we can turn from our ways and go to God.  Jesus can mend our hearts with His Heart and feed us with His Holy Word.  Remember some of the best quilts are the ones that  are patch together.