Embrace Your Thorns



A rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Millions of people travel each year to a small town called Tyler Texas to visit their Rose Garden. Despite the attracting appearance the rose present it has thorns. Majority of people have experience the pain that thorns can bring from a long ache or even drawing blood. To us thorns can be bad but for the rose plant it’s actually a good thing. Thorns actually protect the roses from being destroyed by other creatures. If they didn’t have thorns all the other creatures would be crawling on them, smelling them, and most of all tasting them. Without the thorns, the rose wouldn’t last long and wouldn’t get to enjoy its bloom. It would be a quick death for the rose.


Just like the rose, we develop thorns in life as well. God have install thorns in us at birth. He places these thorns in us to protect us from the world and to help remind us of Who He Is. Whenever we get through a storm, a new thorn appears to help us fight against schemes of the devil. We should embrace the thorns instead of asking God to remove it like Paul did. God is giving us a small glance at how Jesus had to suffer for us. He’s reminding us of 2 Timothy 2:12 “if we suffer, we shall also reign with him”. Every rose you see might not have thorns on it because some are not made with them. So if you are having thorns in your life remember that God chose you to have them and he’s protecting his wonderful rose.





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