God’s Masterpiece 

This morning I had the opportunity to stare out at the ocean. I must admit I was blown away from God’s masterpiece. No human has ever been able to go to the bottom of the ocean or tell you what all lives inside of it. That itself is so symbolic to the opportunities we have with God. God wants to take us deeper and show us things we never saw before, but some of us are scared because we can’t see past the Sandy beach. While we are standing on the beach we don’t realize that it’s so many things trying to survive under our feet. You have crabs that you can’t  even see, turtles in eggs waiting to be hatched, and hidden shells that appear when rain comes. Just like life, we have so many things that God keeps away from us because it’s not time for us to see them yet.

 He keeps them burried into the sand because we haven’t matured enough for our blessing or we are not listening so he brings a shell to reminds us of who He is . While standing on the sand, we also have to deal with the heat from the sun. The sun is beaming on us trying to make us get inside the water but we have that fear of water, so we’d rather stay on the beach and bake like a cake. The same thing happens when God tells us to jump but because we can’t see our next move, we stay complacent. After a while, we get tired of staying complacent and complain that God forgot about us or we don’t know what he’s doing with our life.

Then one day, we look back at that jump we made and say,  “Lord we trust you in all aspects of our life; we will jump because we know you’re in control.” After taking a running leap to our next destiny, we find out that He was waiting on us the whole time.  God is saying don’t spend your life living in fear, when I have already told you that I will never leave nor forsake you.  All you have to do is trust Jesus and He will make your life endless like that ocean. He has so much in store for you. God is able and He’s faithful to do all things. 


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