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Fall Again ?


Last Thursday was the beginning of the fall season . You could tell it was fall from the colors that were being represented around town, the post on social media about the cooler weather from people around the world, but most of all, the changes of the leaves on the trees. That was so great to hear but it still felt like the first day of summer in Texas. The weather that day was literally 95 degrees and no sight of fall was in site for us. People still had to blow their air conditions even harder and some had to even keep the fans blowing as well. The heat was ridiculous but we knew soon the weather would change because we had rain in the forecast for the weekend. The rain was like no other that weekend–the flood gates from  Heavens were open. Today as I stepped outside it was 61 degrees in Texas. Many would say Texas weather is just crazy, but it’s a message here for all us. God gives us messages, however it’s our job to understand them.

When we hear the word rain, we automatically think about our plans being ruined–we have to stay in the house, and it just messes up the flow of things. The things we are thinking about is the physical and worldly things that will not last forever. We need to be grateful for the rain. When it feels  like the rain won’t leave your life,  just look up to heaven and say, THANK YOU JESUS. God sends rain to wash us from all of the dirt that we have accumulated from life; He sends rain to help us grow out of bad situations, and finally He sends rain to make a clear path for our purpose here on earth. What I love the most is that in our life, we experience every season . At the end of the season, we should have grown and be able to help someone else, but the greatest of them all is that the season will change, but Our God still remains the same.













The Pressure Inside

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This week has been a very long one. I thought since it was my birthday week that everything would go smoothly, but it didn’t. My girlfriend did everything to make it a great birthday, but leading up to it was hard–from work problems to life stumbling blocks. It seemed like the enemy was throwing everything he had at me. The first thing the enemy comes for is your mind; that’s why you have to be grounded in the Word Of God. As he was trying I could hear Jesus say, “If you suffer with me, you will reign with me.” – (2 Timothy 2:12 ). When you are grounded in the Word of God, the enemy can attack all he wants, but he will never be able to touch you because his gun is empty and Jesus has already defeated him.

It was times this week where I felt like giving up, but God wouldn’t allow me to . The pressure on the inside felt like water getting ready to burst out of a pipe. I  could feel the pressure building up, but the pipe wouldn’t break. I wanted to become sluggish because of the stuff that was getting thrown at me, but I knew I had to keep doing my best. At the moment where I was ready to give up because the politics at work was driving me insane, God stepped in. He showed me that no matter what is going on, God is still in control. He turned what I thought was a bad week to a prosperous week. I was told that they wanted me to take a position for an upcoming job starting in November.  I will also be seeking a Master’s Degree in Public Health in the spring. I’m sharing this with you to encourage you to stay in the fight because it takes pressure to make diamonds.

The pressure on the inside has to be increased in order to draw you closer to God. He also takes that pressure to clean off the things on the inside that are keeping you down. He use the pressure like a pressure washer to bring the old back to new.  The pressure will finally burst and a new feeling will take over your body. That new feeling will be a new desire for God. That desire that only the creator can give to you. I want you to use that feeling and change the whole world. I know it’s hard at this moment, but hang in there because someone out there needs your light.  I am cheering you on and God Loves You.






Hope Is Found

In 1970 my cousin was attending East Texas State University in Commerce, TX (which is now known as Texas A&M Commerce). While going to school he met a lovely lady who would eventually become his wife for so many years. One day she was riding around town with her hand hanging out the window and lost his class ring that he had given to her. She tried searching for it but didn’t have any luck on finding it. I could only imagine the things that she was thinking because she had lost something so precious to her. She probably thought about this ring over and over but couldn’t do anything. The only thing she could do was pray that one day it will appear again. This year was a hard year for her because my cousin passed from a heart attack. Sometime in August, Timothy (My cousin brother) received a phone call that his brother class ring had been discovered.

He thought it was hoax but in September he found it to be true. He met with the young girl and family at cracker barrel to hear how she found the ring but most off all to receive the ring. The young girl was playing her instrument at band camp where she kept kicking the ring because she thought it was a rock. She reached down to pick up the rock and discovered his class ring. The ring had been lost for 46 years but was in perfect condition. Over the weekend Timothy presented the ring to his brother‘s wife at a family reunion.

When I think about the ring, I think about how many weather climates it had to go through from Earthquakes, Tornados, Flooding, and cold winter months. It’s an absolute blessing that the ring was discovered and was in perfect conditions. Just like the ring, we must go through these life storms. While in the life storms we must hold on to God’s unchanging hand. Life can be hard and make you want to literally pull out your hair but when you have God that’s all you need.  To know that the ring was in perfect condition lets me know not only will God protect you, He will also preserve you. What’s so amazing that Psalms 121:7 tell us “the Lord will preserve thee from all evil; He shall preserve thy soul.” Things may be hard now but God is molding you into something great. You can’t see it now but remember God is preserving you for something greater.

Just Wait On God

This week God minister to my girlfriend and I when we brought a homeless guy food. I wanted to share this with you guys because i think what He ministered to us will help you in your daily walk. When we were leaving the gym my girlfriend noticed a homeless guy holding a sign that said” I will work for food”. She politely said” You should go buy him something to eat. I said” sure”. As we were in the line to get food, we could see the guy getting ready to pack up and  leave. We began to panic  because we really wanted to give him this meal. So I pulled out my money as fast I could and paid for the food. We were able to get the  meal to him before he left. That made us feel  great inside.
God revealed this message to me through my girlfriend.  He said,” Life can be hard, but if you will just wait on me, I will provide for every one of your need”.  Sometimes in life we get tired of waiting and become impatient in our daily walk. Not knowing the blessing is just literally staring us in the face. When life gets hard we should stand on our  faith the hardest. Faith is the oil that takes the friction out of life.  Faith makes things easy to deal with because it’s the only thing that can take the pain out of life.

The next time you feel life slipping away from you or you feel like you are in a dry spot, please remember this story. It only takes one raindrop from heaven to change your situation.  The hardship and pain you are feeling now is only leading you into your next level of greatness that God is preparing for you at this moment.  All you have to do is worship him in advance and Trust that He is God.