Just Wait On God

This week God minister to my girlfriend and I when we brought a homeless guy food. I wanted to share this with you guys because i think what He ministered to us will help you in your daily walk. When we were leaving the gym my girlfriend noticed a homeless guy holding a sign that said” I will work for food”. She politely said” You should go buy him something to eat. I said” sure”. As we were in the line to get food, we could see the guy getting ready to pack up and  leave. We began to panic  because we really wanted to give him this meal. So I pulled out my money as fast I could and paid for the food. We were able to get the  meal to him before he left. That made us feel  great inside.
God revealed this message to me through my girlfriend.  He said,” Life can be hard, but if you will just wait on me, I will provide for every one of your need”.  Sometimes in life we get tired of waiting and become impatient in our daily walk. Not knowing the blessing is just literally staring us in the face. When life gets hard we should stand on our  faith the hardest. Faith is the oil that takes the friction out of life.  Faith makes things easy to deal with because it’s the only thing that can take the pain out of life.

The next time you feel life slipping away from you or you feel like you are in a dry spot, please remember this story. It only takes one raindrop from heaven to change your situation.  The hardship and pain you are feeling now is only leading you into your next level of greatness that God is preparing for you at this moment.  All you have to do is worship him in advance and Trust that He is God.


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