Hope Is Found

In 1970 my cousin was attending East Texas State University in Commerce, TX (which is now known as Texas A&M Commerce). While going to school he met a lovely lady who would eventually become his wife for so many years. One day she was riding around town with her hand hanging out the window and lost his class ring that he had given to her. She tried searching for it but didn’t have any luck on finding it. I could only imagine the things that she was thinking because she had lost something so precious to her. She probably thought about this ring over and over but couldn’t do anything. The only thing she could do was pray that one day it will appear again. This year was a hard year for her because my cousin passed from a heart attack. Sometime in August, Timothy (My cousin brother) received a phone call that his brother class ring had been discovered.

He thought it was hoax but in September he found it to be true. He met with the young girl and family at cracker barrel to hear how she found the ring but most off all to receive the ring. The young girl was playing her instrument at band camp where she kept kicking the ring because she thought it was a rock. She reached down to pick up the rock and discovered his class ring. The ring had been lost for 46 years but was in perfect condition. Over the weekend Timothy presented the ring to his brother‘s wife at a family reunion.

When I think about the ring, I think about how many weather climates it had to go through from Earthquakes, Tornados, Flooding, and cold winter months. It’s an absolute blessing that the ring was discovered and was in perfect conditions. Just like the ring, we must go through these life storms. While in the life storms we must hold on to God’s unchanging hand. Life can be hard and make you want to literally pull out your hair but when you have God that’s all you need.  To know that the ring was in perfect condition lets me know not only will God protect you, He will also preserve you. What’s so amazing that Psalms 121:7 tell us “the Lord will preserve thee from all evil; He shall preserve thy soul.” Things may be hard now but God is molding you into something great. You can’t see it now but remember God is preserving you for something greater.


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