The Pressure Inside

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This week has been a very long one. I thought since it was my birthday week that everything would go smoothly, but it didn’t. My girlfriend did everything to make it a great birthday, but leading up to it was hard–from work problems to life stumbling blocks. It seemed like the enemy was throwing everything he had at me. The first thing the enemy comes for is your mind; that’s why you have to be grounded in the Word Of God. As he was trying I could hear Jesus say, “If you suffer with me, you will reign with me.” – (2 Timothy 2:12 ). When you are grounded in the Word of God, the enemy can attack all he wants, but he will never be able to touch you because his gun is empty and Jesus has already defeated him.

It was times this week where I felt like giving up, but God wouldn’t allow me to . The pressure on the inside felt like water getting ready to burst out of a pipe. I  could feel the pressure building up, but the pipe wouldn’t break. I wanted to become sluggish because of the stuff that was getting thrown at me, but I knew I had to keep doing my best. At the moment where I was ready to give up because the politics at work was driving me insane, God stepped in. He showed me that no matter what is going on, God is still in control. He turned what I thought was a bad week to a prosperous week. I was told that they wanted me to take a position for an upcoming job starting in November.  I will also be seeking a Master’s Degree in Public Health in the spring. I’m sharing this with you to encourage you to stay in the fight because it takes pressure to make diamonds.

The pressure on the inside has to be increased in order to draw you closer to God. He also takes that pressure to clean off the things on the inside that are keeping you down. He use the pressure like a pressure washer to bring the old back to new.  The pressure will finally burst and a new feeling will take over your body. That new feeling will be a new desire for God. That desire that only the creator can give to you. I want you to use that feeling and change the whole world. I know it’s hard at this moment, but hang in there because someone out there needs your light.  I am cheering you on and God Loves You.







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