Fall Again ?


Last Thursday was the beginning of the fall season . You could tell it was fall from the colors that were being represented around town, the post on social media about the cooler weather from people around the world, but most of all, the changes of the leaves on the trees. That was so great to hear but it still felt like the first day of summer in Texas. The weather that day was literally 95 degrees and no sight of fall was in site for us. People still had to blow their air conditions even harder and some had to even keep the fans blowing as well. The heat was ridiculous but we knew soon the weather would change because we had rain in the forecast for the weekend. The rain was like no other that weekend–the flood gates from  Heavens were open. Today as I stepped outside it was 61 degrees in Texas. Many would say Texas weather is just crazy, but it’s a message here for all us. God gives us messages, however it’s our job to understand them.

When we hear the word rain, we automatically think about our plans being ruined–we have to stay in the house, and it just messes up the flow of things. The things we are thinking about is the physical and worldly things that will not last forever. We need to be grateful for the rain. When it feels  like the rain won’t leave your life,  just look up to heaven and say, THANK YOU JESUS. God sends rain to wash us from all of the dirt that we have accumulated from life; He sends rain to help us grow out of bad situations, and finally He sends rain to make a clear path for our purpose here on earth. What I love the most is that in our life, we experience every season . At the end of the season, we should have grown and be able to help someone else, but the greatest of them all is that the season will change, but Our God still remains the same.













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