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Fan V. Follower- Blog inspired by Not a Fan

A fan is often someone who admires a team, someone, or something. It’s the person who doesn’t mind sitting outside in the cold at a football game to cheer on his or her team. It’s the person who doesn’t miss a game because he or she is loyal to the hometown football team. Does that sound like someone you know or is that you? On December 25th, fans came out of nowhere to help celebrate Jesus’s Birthday. Jesus has the most fans but He never asks for them. His Church has turned into arenas instead of a safe haven for sinners who desperately need to be healed and saved. In Luke 9:23-24: Then He said to them all, If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my Sake will gain it.

 Jesus personally invites you to “take up your cross…” . But this is where we lack to RSVP to His invitation.  We say, “Not today Jesus, maybe tomorrow, next week, or next year.” We treat Him like the diet we were meaning to start. Like the Gym membership we were meaning to use, however we let it sit around and drain our funds (in relation to our spirituality). Unfortunately, tomorrow may never come. Therefore reality sets in and reminds us that In order for us to get what we need from Jesus, something inside of us or around us has to die. 

We ask the Lord for a lot. We pray the most ridiculous prayers in hopes of gaining something or someone we don’t need. We desire them because we see others with these worldly things, and our flesh desires them as wellWe get mad when God give us that one prayer we prayed for, although it didn’t turn out how we expected it to. Why? Because He needed to show you it wasn’t what you REALLY needed. We ask… He answers, He asks and we “run the other way.”  Jesus wants us to die to what we believe holds value… or what we believe we can overcome alone such as worry, hurt from the past, and lukewarmness.

But when we learn to “die daily,” things change in our life.  We begin to discover life, and most of all, what we’re put on this Earth for… PURPOSE! “Dying daily” is not easy. It requires pain, suffering, and even shaking. Never question the process because it’s all working for your good. I remember the old medicine bottle stated “shake well before using.” The reason you had to shake the medicine well was to get the full effect from it.  God has to do the same to us. If you’re struggling with something, remember God is trying to get the full effect out of you.

 Last week, my girlfriend was excited to use this new mask she bought. It was a spray-on mask, so the more you sprayed on, the more the dead skin would instantly fall off. I thought it was cool and wanted to see the dead skin fall off my face as well. Thus, as I put this spray on my face I saw the dead skin fall off, but I heard God say, “The more you apply me to your life, the things you are holding on to will fall off.” So as we enter 2017, I pray that we continue to follow God and apply Him to our whole life instead of certain areas… that way we can be cleansed from the things that are holding us back.



Fall Again ?


Last Thursday was the beginning of the fall season . You could tell it was fall from the colors that were being represented around town, the post on social media about the cooler weather from people around the world, but most of all, the changes of the leaves on the trees. That was so great to hear but it still felt like the first day of summer in Texas. The weather that day was literally 95 degrees and no sight of fall was in site for us. People still had to blow their air conditions even harder and some had to even keep the fans blowing as well. The heat was ridiculous but we knew soon the weather would change because we had rain in the forecast for the weekend. The rain was like no other that weekend–the flood gates from  Heavens were open. Today as I stepped outside it was 61 degrees in Texas. Many would say Texas weather is just crazy, but it’s a message here for all us. God gives us messages, however it’s our job to understand them.

When we hear the word rain, we automatically think about our plans being ruined–we have to stay in the house, and it just messes up the flow of things. The things we are thinking about is the physical and worldly things that will not last forever. We need to be grateful for the rain. When it feels  like the rain won’t leave your life,  just look up to heaven and say, THANK YOU JESUS. God sends rain to wash us from all of the dirt that we have accumulated from life; He sends rain to help us grow out of bad situations, and finally He sends rain to make a clear path for our purpose here on earth. What I love the most is that in our life, we experience every season . At the end of the season, we should have grown and be able to help someone else, but the greatest of them all is that the season will change, but Our God still remains the same.